Mind the Product London 2014 in review

On September 12, 2014, over 1,000 passionate product people from 39 countries around the world gathered in London for our third annual conference, making it the largest gathering of product managers ever!

As usual we had an amazing mix of speakers, covering both practical tips and experiences as well as inspirational thought leadership on the future of product management, development and design.

Just as importantly, the room was packed with passionate product managers, designers, engineers and founders who used every opportunity – from the lunch buffet to the free-flowing drinks at the after party – to share war stories and connect with a larger product community.

I’m a product manager and you are my tribe. This tribe keeps growing and it’s amazing to see. Next year we’ll probably have to move to the Wembley stadium.
Dave Wascha, Chief Product Officer Moo.com.

To read our full report from the conference, check out MTPcon 2014: We’re doing the right thing.

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